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2 definitions by Alyxxandrea

A Bleach fanfiction about Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Ulquiorra Shiffer. Usualy written as a lemon.

The word 'sprite' is used because of not only the blue/green color combination (use your imagination... isn't hard), but also the lemon flavoring in the drink.

Made up by some random fangirls from god-knows-where...
"Add a little lime to that lemon, and you've got a 100% drool-fest"

"Renji: Yo, Ichigo, what are you doing?
Ichigo: Hm... just reading some Sprite..."
by Alyxxandrea March 25, 2010
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The most annoying thing in the world.

Often used to annoy the hell out of your friends.

The purpose of The Game is not to remember it exists... once you think about it you lose and you MUST tell EVERY-FREAK'N-ONE that you lost so they may suffer with you.

Which, by the way... you lost The Game.
Jenny: -thinks: oh, damn... The Game- HEY LENNY! I LOST THE GAME!

Lenny: I will fucking kick your ass!
by Alyxxandrea March 25, 2010
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