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Muh-fuggin: A more casual form of 'mother-fucking'. Comparable to using fuck to add emphasis and color to an intense situation.
'It's not cold unless its muh-fuggin cole, an-.. its muh- fuuhgin coold! '

'What the muh- fuhgin fuck, is going on here?!?'
by Alyx Kerr March 04, 2007
Excellent weed that has such a perfect mental high one feels like it has made them whole. A variant of 'ganja'.
''i love this muh-fuggin karmja, I just had a beautiful epiphany.''
by Alyx Kerr March 04, 2007
GOOSE!: what you holler when you poke a finger down someones a-crack
taking the action of running a finger down exposed crack in a jabbing manner, simultaneosly yelling 'GOOSE!'
by Alyx Kerr March 04, 2007

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