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The term used to define the pairing of Derek Venturi (Mike Seater) and Casey McDonald (Ashley Leggat) on Ca Family and Disney's Life with Derek, the UST filled step-siblings who constantly fight with such passion behind them. Many teens watch this show simply to scout out the dasey-filled moments and after each episode hope to gain assurance that the writers haven't ruled out this idea.
Derek always finds a way to touch Casey repetitively and make her happy by the end of an episode, proving how much he likes her and how dasey is meant to be.
by Alyssa M. January 05, 2008
Term for the pairing of Lilly Truscott and Jackson Stewart on the Disney show Hannah Montana.
The skater girl and beach god.
A perfect match.
The lackson duo hangs out together all the time, such as on the beach at Rico's in On the Road Again, and at the Stewart house in I Will Always Loathe You.
by Alyssa M. January 04, 2008

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