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3 definitions by Alyssa Fountain

1. A fan of the punk rock band The Misfits
2. The skull-like logo for the band, The Misfits
Today I bought a Misfits shirt with a fiend on it.
by Alyssa Fountain September 03, 2005
22 28
A particularly destructive punk rocker or a tightly knit group of particularly destructive punk rockers, from the movie/novel "A Clockwork Orange"

Those droogs tagged the brickwall behind Target again.
by Alyssa Fountain October 05, 2005
51 68
A female punk rocker, sometimes but not always destructive in nature. From the movie/novel "A Clockwork Orange" and all-female street punk band, The Devotchkas
Did you see that Devotchka with the 'hawk? Does she got a Droog or is she fair game?
by Alyssa Fountain October 05, 2005
27 46