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Someone who looks at the world without the blindfold of modern day society. Cynics look at the world like a critic, always judging it. They aren't afraid to speak their minds and give the facts without embelishing them.
Caitlin(non-cynic): Aw, I wish they had a cure for cancer so that poor little boy wouldn't have to die!
Andrew(cynic): We're all slowly dying, why try to prolong the inevitable?

John(non-cynic): Damn it! Why does the sun have to be so bright? I hate it when it gets in my eyes!
Matt(cynic): In a million years, the sun is going to expand and roast the Earth, turning it into a burning lump of rock, so just be glad.

Bob(non-cynic): Jeez, Paris Hilton is sooo damn SEXY!
David(cynic): She's a spoiled, lazy, stupid, ditzy waste of space. She's not even good at anything. She's just famous because her dad owns some hotel that we never even hear about. Plus, she has no boobs.
by Alyson Skye January 30, 2010

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