9 definitions by Alyson Clair

A rainbow that is formed during a hail storm. Not a rainbow, since it is not raining.
Did anyone see the unicorn jump over the hailbow yesterday?
by Alyson Clair March 09, 2009
The randomly shaped bits of crunchiness that suddenly appear at the bottom of your french fry bag, or other fried goodness. Most of the time you are unsure if it is actual fry particles or mystery crunch. They can have a large variation in size, texture, taste and content. Variation can appear between morning (breakfast) and evening.
Dude, you got more fryer leavin's than french fries in your bag.

Your fryer leavin' looks like Mary holding the Baby Jesus, let's sell it on E-bay!

Can I get some extra fryer leavin's with my fries?
by Alyson Clair April 03, 2009

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