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A suburb of Detroit, with and interesting mix of wiggers and snobs. It has a bad side and a good side.

Often referred to by it's residents as "Wasteland"
I live in Westland, you've prolly never heard of it seeing as it just mixes in with the fiftybazjillon other detroit 'burbs...
by alyson February 18, 2005
the coolest person in the world who is so original and everyone should love her. also, is a person who does not need a man to complete her!
wow, that person is a frances wertimer!
by alyson March 31, 2005
A derogatory term, usually used in mocking; a smidge-ish type person
You are a smane!
by Alyson April 23, 2005
wibocked = adjective. to have positive motives but be too over-committed to do much good in any one area

Originally derived from the acronym WIBOC, well-intentioned but over-committed
College student 1: How's it going?
College student 2: I'm in 12 clubs, the president of 3, and I have 18 credits this semester. I'm trying my best but I'm totally wibocked.
by Alyson November 02, 2004
to fall, especially in a painful, embarassing, public way
I was in the cafeteria with my lunch tray when I tripped on my heels and bailed in front of everyone.
by Alyson November 03, 2004
Very sexy with a cute face; though having characteristics of a jackass, often considered as one mistakingly. Isn't afraid to tell you he loves you!
"He is soooo sweet."
"Yeah he's a Corey McCarthey!"
by Alyson February 16, 2003
1. A person who, is fond of futility.

2. A person whom cannot live with themselves unless they try.
by Alyson April 21, 2003
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