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a person who considers themselves to be a celebrity when they really aren't. they are the stereotypical "one hit wonder" or "nobody" and when referenced people say "who is that?". they usually have lost all of their money and are terribly desperate for attention. a typical z-lister will be on or will host a game show or reality show (such as dancing with the stars, flavor/rock of love type show, celebrity fit club, or a regular show uses "celebrity" twist to get ratings). they like to announce their presence in public places, and will usually call paparazzi with their location in hopes of getting mentioned on TV, internet, or a magazine. the overly obnoxious z-lister will do annoying things and will be really loud in public. Even resorting to talking in the 3rd person to try and jog people's memory with the name. if a z-lister has a fan base, it consists of the most deperate middle-aged/menopausal women who had hopes of being the celebrity girlfriend/wife, but only have a chance with a Z-lister.
what is the list of z-list celebrities on this season's Dancing with the Stars?

Scott Baio is 46 and preganant??? Since when does that Z-list celebrity have a show?

VH1 hires all of the z-list celebrities.

Robert Loggia? Who is that? Is he some sort of z-list celebrity.

annoying things done in public would include
-when asked to spell name, they say each letter individually with an example (D as in don O as in OMG it's don N as in no way that's don)
-speaking loudly in 3rd person
-talking to people that they don't know and mentioning their second shot of fame, also very loudly
-posting news about themselves on a website
-calling paparazzi and paying them to sell his/her story
-making a scene in public to get attention (even if it's negative. attention is attention)
by Alx Nichole February 04, 2008
mullet on a chick.
aka scene hair.
woman 1: dude. what did you do to you're hair?
woman 2: i got layers && entensions so my hair is the sex.
woman 1: no. you have a fucking dyke mullet. and it looks like shit.
by Alx Nichole February 06, 2008
a scene person is a girl/guy with shitty fake hair and bad taste in music who thinks they are the sex or the shit. the hair of a scene kid has to be the most sex or they won't get cred at the music club. the bigger, most colors, and most fake, the better in their opinion. most of the time, a scene girls hair looks like a mullet and a guys hair is as long as possible. the hair for a girl looks like that its been fryed and has the apperance of a dead cat or raccoon. the clothes have to be "skin fucking tight" and are usually black or bright happy neon colors. includes Hello Kitty, robots, dinosaurs, veganism/vegetarian messages, vintage look, and other images that many would consider emo. flat shoes are a must, like vans, converse, skimmers, ballet flats, or "high heels" which for a scenester is 1/4 inch. white or multi-colored studded belts are very important. when it comes to the clothes, the faker and cheaper, the better.
they talk trash and like they are so gangsta. words commonly heard from a scenester are nigga, nig, and cunt. those words are commonly used to greet people and to them are considered not insulting. they claim not to be racist, but many accounts of being loud about calling people "niggas" has gotten them into a fight, where they get the shit beat out of them.
when it comes to makeup, a scenester of both genders have no limitations and absolutely no style or taste. the brighter the eyeshadow, the more scene you are. typically a scenester will have gobs of eyeliner, and many different colors of eyeshadow on at once. if you see a scenester, you may believe they are color blind.
besides having zero taste in looks, they also have zero taste in music. they idolize local bands and diss mainstream acts, unless they are myspace scene celebrity approved. a scenester believes that only local bands are real music and hate anyone who decides that they like a mainstream act. once a local or underground favorite has hit the mainstream scene, they are no longer scene and scenesters will abandon the band. anyone who is scene spends a lot of time on myspace looking up unsigned or otherwise unknown bands to listen to and think that any band that is like that is the sex.
scene kids must all have a myspace. livejournal is optional, but recommened. they also must take a bunch of pictures of themselves everyday and post them on myspace. the myspace is important. hours of a scene person's life is wasted on myspace everyday, trying to outdo every other scene kids myspace and be the most scene. myspace scene celebrities are very important. jeffree star and kiki kannibal are idolized by scenesters, and they aspire to be the great success that they are. most scene people will aspire to be fashion designers by starting their own clothing line to sell to fellow scenesters on myspace. diamond is an important logo to a scene person and every scene clothing line has to have at least one diamond logo item.
the acessories of a scene girl will include enormous cheap sunglasses, a septum piercing, big shiny bracelets, really long necklaces, plastic crap, big rings, and anything colorful. a lot of acessories will have been purchased at claires, hot topic, spencers, and myspace.
a scene kid personality is always stuck up, full of attitude, obnoxious, bitchy, and hypocritical. scene people think they are the sex or the shit. they will think that everyone should worship them and that nobody could ever be as sex as they are. they are vegetarian/vegan. they don't give a shit about anything, most of all being themselves. anyone who would be a scenester has absolutely no self respect.
scene kids hate posers and haters.
scene kids commonly use "&&" instead of and because they think it's really cute.
the scene screenname needs lots of underscores, X's, and should always make a reference to how scene they are or to guns.
they use phrases like scenexcore or hardxcore
claim to be sxe, but still drink, smoke, and do drugs. and even try to find new ways to get high.
a scene to scene conversation
xxlethalxbangxx: yo nig.
xscenexcorexx: sup.
xxlethalxbangxx: sad. culdt get my hair as sex as i wntd
xscenexcorexx: my hair is so sex && i just put coon stripes in it
xxlethalxbangxx: fuck u cunt.

a scene to normal person conversation
xcuntxcorexsexx: sup nig
greendayfan122: umm....hi?
xcuntxcorexsexx: u wana hit that cuntxcore scene fest at teh SR
greendayfan122: what?! WTF are you saying?
xcuntxcorexsexx: UH. cunt. ok, i'll say it in not sex talk. do you want to go to a concert?
greendayfan122: no. bye
xcuntxcorexsexx: gtfo nigga. u r not scene
by Alx Nichole February 05, 2008

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