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A corrupt form of "Alright". "Alright" in Ebonics.

Incorrect spelling in this case.

Correct spelling => "Aight"
"Pass da jiggy dis way, yo."

"Aight, here 'tis."
by Alwayzright April 10, 2003
The flavour of a penis when it is sucked on for an indeterminate time.
Hey bitch, how did my dictate last night?
by Alwayzright May 17, 2003
Another name for vagina, vulva or female crotch. Female Groin.
His hand started groping at her cooze through her jeans.
by Alwayzright April 10, 2003
Another name for Penis.

Antonym => see "Cooze"
She handled my coozer like a musician handles a fine instrument.
by Alwayzright April 10, 2003
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