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you know what, all of you guyz are weird and perverted beacause corndog isn't only this sexual term. Just because this is an urban dictionary, doesn't mean that you can put these whack perverted definitions. A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick with this corn bread wrapping often sold at carnivals, street fairs, amusment parks, and hot dog trucks.
Kid(8 years old): DADDY!!! I want a corn dog really bad!!!!!
Father: Okay-
(passing perverted teen): No kid, you do NOT want a corn dog. You are a bad bad father, you are!!!
by Always sexy April 26, 2006
when a whole bunch of college students meet up to have a party, ussually, there are more gurls than guyz, so that the guyz can slip club drugs and the girl will have sex with the guy cuz of the drugs. Gennerally, its a group of guys who cant get laid cuz of their looks and want to cheat on a girl to get her to have sex with him. Losers.
Alan: Yo, this hot girl fucked me at that frat party last night. It wuz great.
Neil: WHat was her name?
Alan: I have no clue, the sex was great though.

Amanda: What a faggit.
Chantel: I know right? Just cuz they cant get a girl.
by Always sexy April 26, 2006

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