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Another way to say condom. Popularized by the YouTube hit video "Shoes".
"What did you expect to get for your birthday, condamns?"
"You'd best use a condamn if you don't wanna get knocked up!"
by Aluriaphin September 26, 2007
Someone who has a YouTube account and watches videos/comments frequently, without ever posting videos of their own. This may be because they don't own a camcorder, or because they are talentless hacks.
I can't make videos for shit, so I'm a total YouLurker.
by Aluriaphin January 20, 2008
verb, "to break weak"
To laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. Sometimes considered perjorative, if used to describe someone laughing at something that wasn't that funny, or who has been laughing so long that it's now seriously uncool. Used heavily in the Maritime provinces of Canada.
Joe: "So, are you going to the Comedy Festival?"
Alex: "Yeah, man, it's gonna be great. I am gonna break weak!!"


Joe: "Did you see Mr. Johnson after Jenna told that joke in History?"
Alex: "Yeah man, he was breakin' weak!!"
by Aluriaphin March 11, 2008

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