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A computer some people seem to think sucks and is "overpriced" when building a PC with the specifications of a Mac Pro is EXACTLY the same price! Actually a little less! It is because they don't understand because of it's previous failures from OS9 to Panther. But now it is known as the most advanced operating system in the world due to it's ability to surpass almost any PC on the market in benchmarks. That TAKES SKILL M$ you can't even make an OS capable of running well on your own platform! Reasons any Mac hater is wrong:
1. Macs are no where near overpriced, go build a computer with equal specs and make sure you don't skimp on the quality of your parts you will see the Mac Pro is under-priced! FB-DIMMS are expensive as are 2 friggin Xeons!! THAT'S 8 CORES so don't complain ONLY 2 GIGS!!?!? FOR $2799!!!??! you want overpriced? Go see how fucking expensive Windows 7 is going to be and how many versions there are going to be with almost nothing added between 100s of dollars.
2. It can edit videos, pictures, and audio better than any PC on the market can hence almost everything you do related to media was done on a Mac those retarded "I'm a PC" ads DONE ON A MAC!! FAILURE M$
3. They run fast for life because they don't open every goddamn application at once upon start-up and there are almost no viruses out there for them.
4. They can run every OS on the planet efficiently and sexily.
5. The one thing I will admit is they suck for gaming...but that is all they suck at.
6. It doesn't crash when you insert a flash drive or play a video.
AND PLEASE DON'T THUMBS DOWN ME BECAUSE YOU LIKE WINDOWS BETTER. I do not hate Windows by any means I just think OS X is better...
Dude I just built myself an 8 core PC instead of a Macintosh!!

Really how much did it cost?


by Alucard Hellsing February 16, 2009

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