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1. A Internet hero is someone who grows a bigger set of balls for good or bad intentions. The good being to help others on the net via information or even sticking up for others against cyber bullies. The bad saying thing that they might be afraid to say in real life having arguments or being a smooth net pimp.

2. A anti-troll someone who will Play trolls at there own game for the end goal of destroying the trolls attempt. A Internet hero will reply to trolls but never start the troll

3. Someone with a lot of time on there hands
Dumb-arse "Hey there's a girl on vent she must be fat and ugly show us ur boobs if your not"

Internet hero "Mate shut up please go meet some women irl and ask them to show you there boobs hope they slap some sense into you"
by Altiar182 May 27, 2011

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