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A tactic that has been used many times in the American version of "Big Brother" where the Head of Household (because we Americans apparently cannot vote properly, so the housemates have to do it for us...HoH just nominates) nominates two pawns and then has one of his or her allies win the Power of Veto (a twist in the American Big Brother game that allows one of the nominations to be cancelled, or vetoed) so that the real threat in the game can be nominated and then subsequently evicted...in other words, evict them in such a way that they are sent "out the back door". Also referred to as "The Six-Finger Plan".
Nakomis pulled off one of the most innovative moves in "Big Brother" history when she nominated Marvin and Diane for eviction via "The Six-Finger Plan" to backdoor Jase and get him evicted from the house.
by Alternageek #1 August 12, 2005
This hilarious website that gives you codes and graphics that lets you "adopt" little non-species fetuses in a variety of themes. I should know...I adopted one myself.
Hey!! Have you seen FetusMart yet? They've got pilgrim fetuses, Scottish fetuses, they even have a Pikachu fetus!!
by Alternageek #1 March 31, 2005
A person who does not look like a stereotypical nerd/geek/brain.
Prep #1: Like, oh my gah!! Look at the geek in the Led Zep-puh-lin shirt!!!
Prep #2: Isn't he, like, the val-uh...val-uh...smartest one in the class?
Prep #3: Oh, him? He's like, an alternageek, duh!!!
All: EWW!!!
by Alternageek #1 December 29, 2004
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