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A natural body-enhancing maneuver named and created by L. Llewellyn James of Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios (www.alphaholism.com), wherein the female posterior is enlarged, widened, rounded and made more pleasantly plump by an average of 3-5 times it's original size and girth, as per the exertion of pressure by said woman's male lover (or reasonable facsimile, thereof) as a result of the man placing his erect member just within the "crack" of his lover's posterior (thus, resembling a hot dog between the bread of a hot dog bun), and then pressing vigorously onto the two sides of his lover's posterior with maximum upper body strength for a minimum of 25 minutes to an Hour and a half.
I used the Frankenfurter fanny manuever that L. Llewellyn James at www.alphaholism.com described on urbandictionary.com, and My girl's booty didn't just grow like a mere frankfurter, but it seemed like it had a life and mind of it's own...like a Frankenfurter Fanny!!!
by Alphaholic 001 February 01, 2011
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