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5 definitions by AlphaRomeo*

A sexy, badass dude from Israel who knows how to serve up a shot of tequila and give you an orgasm just by staring at you ;-) Not to be confused with arabic Yousufs who think they're hot shots when they're not. YOSEFs are from Israel!
Elise: Hey T check him out he's soo sexy, his name is YOSEF
Tina: I dunno he looks soo mean
Elise: I know it's driving me crazy thinking what he would do to me if given the chance.
by AlphaRomeo* December 06, 2013
Derived from the "Elysian Fields" (Roman) and "Elysium" (Greek) in Greek Mythology referring to a Paradise where mortals related to the Gods, chosen by the Gods, the righteous and heroes would spend a blessed and happy life after death. Also a name given by a father to his daughter using the variant spelling Elicia. Written about by the poet Homer in the Odyssey; Virgil in Aeneid; and, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night among others. Referred to in the movie Gladiator when Russell Crowe as Maximus declares "If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysia, and you're already dead!" " Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity." The movie ends with Maximus running his hands through the wheat in the Elysian Fields as he goes to meet his wife and child who were taken from him.
Alpha: Have you been to Elysia?
Omega: I've seen Elysia, I know what Paradise is but I was made to leave.
Alpha: Maybe you are not chosen by the Gods and you are not righteous. Maybe you carried with you too many secrets and in Elysia there are no secrets only truth, honesty, loyalty, honor, valor, respect, altruism and ah yes...LOVE.
by AlphaRomeo* December 07, 2013
A selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, controlling, abusive, womanizing ass-wipe with no money from Egypt who can't wait to get to America to chase and stalk western women who are not interested in them and does so relentlessly while trying to appeal to their sense of compassion and kindness by crying about how poor they are, how much he and his family need money and how truly sensitive, sweet, honest and trustworthy they are while flirting and chasing other women at the same time when their only intent is to use, abuse and abandon them when their done, possibly to marry some unsuspecting virgin, probably his cousin or sister, from his hometown after sleeping with anything that appears female with money because he needs a dowry for the virgin who's been fucked in her ass repeatedly. In short, a lying, cheating, pathetic, feeble excuse for a man; a bloodsucking parasite.
Hey that guy Romeo who works at Subway is a real man-whore.

Get a box of tissues here comes that shit-head Abdelmasieh (Abdo) Ragaa Iskander Ibrahim, he's a real ambitious, persistent Man Whore, he's going to cry and ball to get you to feel sorry for him and give him sex and money.

After that man whore learned those arab women from Egypt and the rest of the middle east wouldn't give him money for sex, he moved to America!

I heard some of the best Man Whores are from El Minya, Egypt!
by AlphaRomeo* October 28, 2013
A arrogant egyptian guy with the most minuscule 'p' (cause you can't even call it a penis..too small.) He has a huge jerk personality though especially when dealing with a western woman who apart from having more balls than most men, has a clit bigger than his wee little 'p.' Also smokes a lot of cheap egyptian wee (cause you can't call it weed) while sulking about the fact that the penis enlarger and pills to make your penis grow didn't work.
Germen: Yousuf! when I agreed to marry you over the internet I assumed you were a MAN! I have to call off the wedding!
Yousuf: Shhhhh...not so loud, look I bought this 7" dildo just for you as a wedding present.
by AlphaRomeo* December 05, 2013
A whore...an Egyptian whore.
Abdelmasieh: Hey Reda, thanks for sending me that whore Eva.

Reda: Mesh, she good, all egyptian people in Jersey City know that.

Abdelmasieh: She can keep a secret too, I love her!
by AlphaRomeo* December 01, 2013