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2 definitions by Alpha Nude Omega

Different from the classic 1 to 10 scale of rating women, or the ever popular 1 to 3 scale, the binary system is a simple choice of yes or no.

The Binary System is best used when one is on a dry streak and looking to get drunk and get laid... not necessarily in that order.

There are only two choices in the binary scale: 1. Yes, I'll fuck her, or 2. No, keep that skank away.
"Dude, I am pretty fucked up, so I am switching to the Binary Scale of Hotness"
"Alright man, go get your dick wet!"
by Alpha Nude Omega November 27, 2009
A Suicide is a mixed drink that consists of one part NyQuil, one part Red Bull, and one part vodka. Mix well.

Suicides are only to be consumed by hard core alcoholics, those with a a death wish, or University of Dayton Students.

Warning! Consuming Suicides can and will lead to being FUCKED UP
"Dude, he drank three Suicide Shots in a row and then woke up bare ass naked in Mexico, with a new tattoo, married to a coke whore named Joe"
by Alpha Nude Omega November 26, 2009