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1 definition by Alot of people dislike my name

1) When a gamer uses the opposing player(s) screen to his/her advantage during Splitscreen mode.

2) A common excuse used by short tempered gamers who are either in 2nd-4th place in a Splitscreen match.
1) Damn Jeff, I've camped in four different spots, and each time you managed to run up to me and knife me from behind. you gotta be screen looking.

2) (Game Ends, Player 3 Victorious) Player 3: Dude I was running the same course for about a minute, so I decided to turn around thinking "Maybe If i go the opposite direction, I'll finally bump into someone, and then you were just right out in the open." Player 1: Bull! You were screen looking! You're such a screen looker! (Player 3: 17 kills, and 12 deaths.) (Player 1: 13 kills, and 21 deaths)
by Alot of people dislike my name December 15, 2009