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any person (usually from wall) who would much rather be from manasquan than the town theyre actually from. squannabes go to squan beach, hang out on main st, or go to surf taco/green planet on a regular basis. these people tend to have more friends that go to MHS than their own.
squannabe 1: what do you wanna do tonight
squannabe 2: i dont know... ughh i hate this town. theres never anything fun to do
squannabe 1: i know what you mean. hey, lets just like wander around manasquan town. that's ALWAYS fun!
squannabe 2: yeahh!!!!!
by aloo October 13, 2007
A name called when getting annoyed.
Vaginal discharge a person consumes.
Oh shut up you mingemuncher
by Aloo October 14, 2007
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