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right don't wrong nobody...meaning if you do the right thing no matter how bad things go right will always overcome wrong.
Me: The cops arrested uncle june momma for nothing and they didn't even want to listen to his excuse.
Mom: Don't worry baby be patient because right don't wrong nobody. Your uncle did not do nothing wrong.
by Alonzo J Jordan February 09, 2011
that's the verdict...meaning it's the end result of anything.
Me: i dropped out of school and didn't graduate.
Mom: Well, "that's the verdict".

Me: John got arrested for stealing rims.
Friend: Well, that's the verdict".
by Alonzo J Jordan February 09, 2011
Just because you say something don't mean you will follow through with your word.
Politicians always say, " no new taxes " but as soon as you vote for them and they become elected their words change. I guess saying it don't mean doing it.
by alonzo j jordan March 30, 2012
Term used for drinking grey goose vodka
Tonight we will be goosing all night long.
by alonzo j jordan April 02, 2012

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