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Organize to meet and ultimately have sex with, especially via an online social network like twitter or facebook.

"P" here may directly refer to the English word "pander" or the slang "prakatatumba" but it also indirectly refers to the penis or the pu**y, so the slang is gender inspecific.

Often used in any of these forms, "Setting P", "Set P", "Set the P", "Set that P", "Set my P" etc.
Chris: Janet is so freaking hot. I visit her facebook page every day to jerk off at her pictures.
John: If you like her so bad and she's that hot, set that P!

Anne: It's almost vals day and no one has offered to set P. FML.
by Alonzo February 10, 2012
fattest foos on da planet, hella nasty. when they walk down tha street the fat albert theme automaticly plays in the background. they like listenin to nirvana, playin dungeons and dragons and other nerdy games
this chutterum once sat on a kid and killed her in my class
by alonzo September 23, 2004
To fall on or over something. Usually in an effortless motion.
I just flopped on your mom's extremely large rack.
by AlonZo January 16, 2004
see hell yeah
An expression of general agreement or satisfaction, with gusto.
"smoke another?"
"Bang Dat!"
by AlonZo January 05, 2004
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