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4 definitions by Aloha27

Repeated ripping or tearing of a sail because of neglect.
Because the sail had not been covered to protect it from the sun's rays for an extended period of time, the wind shreidded it mercilessly.
by Aloha27 February 20, 2008
1081 30
A young female sperm receptacle of "sailorman" Reid Stowe.
That pregnant girl over there is the latest in a long line of stowe-ho's. Poor thing.
by Aloha27 March 21, 2009
404 34
In Texas Hold'em, a player in first position who overplays his/her hand going all-in.

Everyone folds and the boomer takes the blinds only.
You went all-in with a premium hand and only won the blinds?

Nice play there Boomer!
by aloha27 October 31, 2009
391 76
A term favored by boating novices instead of the more widely-known designation of marina.
Chester, if you're looking for the nearest "yacht harbor" on that chart, you'll run out of fuel before you find one. You'd better look for a marina.
by aloha27 January 21, 2010
267 34