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Sleeping bag (esp. a heavily-insulated military-issue bag)
by Alo Konsen September 15, 2003
A person who is politically conservative, yet cultivates a healthy suspicion of mass culture, as well as an appreciation for aesthetics and cultural artifacts that would normally be associated with leftist leanings.
Wayne's Birkenstocks and his taste for organically grown vegetables belied his granola conservative beliefs.
by Alo Konsen September 16, 2003
First-class cadet (senior) at one of America's four federal service academies.
The plebe jumped to attention and barked his greetings to the oblivious firstie walking by.
by Alo Konsen August 24, 2003
United States Coast Guard Academy
No officer ever had as much power as a firstie at Canoe U.
by Alo Konsen August 24, 2003

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