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2 definitions by Almipwns

A hamster forum with an ever-growing community of hamster lovers. It is made up of people of all ages and from all over the world. The members are intelligent and welcoming. It is loosely moderated and therefore more fun than other hamster forums. All of the members worship Almi, their hamster God.
Almi pwns Hamster House.
by Almipwns March 31, 2009
The ruler of Hamster House. People say that Almi stands for Almighty, but it actually is short for Almond Joy.

Almi joined Hamster House on April 31st, 2003. Almi was a n00b once, too. But through dedication and determination, Almi has reached an ungodly number of posts.
Almi's rank on Hamster House is the Almighty Hamster.

Almi spends way too much time on Hamster House.
by Almipwns March 31, 2009