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A Person/Thing that is part of a clan(set up by the imfamous almighty mew) that follows any game made by nintendo (generally pokemon)and uses creates hacks for them
Almighty mew: Hey spyke I just HaXored a Darkrai Im a L0RD HAX0R
Spyke: Kwl lol
Random short kid: can I be an Nintendian
Almighty mew: do you play any sony or xbox
Random short kid: yes
Almighty mew: no you cannot join IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER
Spyke: pwned lol
by Almighty mew October 05, 2007
Age/Species/Location The furry's mating call put simply to yiff on msn and aol messenger
Furry Guy1:A/S/L
Furry guy2:80/Dog/In your house
Furry guy1: 0.o
by Almighty mew August 15, 2008

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