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The faalsandaal (meaning fail sandal in english) is the reward you get when you fail at the PK bomber mode in bomberman generation. as the name says it tells you that you kinda suck and fail in the game.

the faalsandaal isnt just the item you get, but also can be used as name.
"PK bomber" (example of bomberman)

"you failed" (picture of the faalsandaal apairs in screen)

(playing with friends) (example of name)
Friend: damnit!
you: lol your such a faalsandaal you failed at PK bomber!!


You: you cant beat that level op pokemon? your such a faalsandaal!
by Almighty Harry September 23, 2009
sjoert is a mainly dutch male name who is given to people who are rather annoying. as such they only talk to girls about how much they drink etc. thinking this impresses them.
sjoert: yesterday i drunk 20 beers
you: ow rlly (who cares)

or between you and friends:
you: sjoert talked to me again about himself
friend: o not again, does he never stop?
by Almighty Harry July 13, 2009

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