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Able to be used in multiple contexts. If a person says something dumb, far-fetched, or out of line they can Sprrrrted.

Sprrrt is a sort of onamonapia, because it is a sound you create from the side of your month. Almost the sound of a long, high pitched fart.
Carl made the suggestion of going out tonight to a gay bar. After hearing such a ludicrous proposal, Simon let out a long Sprrrrt.
by AllstarSuperstarRockstar July 07, 2010
A male that has an over inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously in front of society with no sense of how moronic he appears.

Use in a sentence: Hey babe, get a load of this steak's Nike Shox and pink Hollister shirt, what a douchebag...
Key indicators of being a steak:

Constantly wears running shoes, live strong bracelets, pink popped collared shirts that are 2x too small, or affliction shirts. If you are over the age of 25 and rock Hollister or Abercrombie, Chinese lettering or tribal band tattoo on/around bicep, wear Oakleys, use a tanning bed instead of the sun, or in a Frat, you are steak.
by AllstarSuperstarRockstar September 13, 2010

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