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2 definitions by Allisterr

A term used in the webcomic Homestuck.

A Rainbow Drinker is a troll who drinks other troll's blood.

Basically like a vampire.

It is called RAINBOW Drinker because troll's blood comes in a variety of colors depending on the troll.

Kanaya becomes a rainbow drinker after she is killed by Eridan.
by Allisterr October 09, 2011
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A totally epic band called 'AmyCanFlyy'.

They have songs like
Dinosaurs Go Rawr
I Like My Girlfriend

Among others.

They seem to be a mix of techno and pop-punk.
I'm not 100% sure though.. i mix up genres a lot.
"Dude, have you heard amycanflyy?"
"Are you kidding?? I love them!"

I came to the land of the dinosaurs!
And i parked my time machine

Behind the biggest tree that i could see
I walked and walked til my feet got sore
I set up my small tent
And i camped on the floor
Dinosaurs Go Rawr (Everybody Knows That)x2

Dinosaurs Go Rawr

I went to check out the dinosaurs

I saw a pterodactyl on a volcano
This is what he said when he saw me and
Uh oh oh oh ohx2
Uh oh oh Uh oh
Dinosaurs go Rawr! (Everybody knows that)x2
Dinosaurs Go Rawr!x4
by Allisterr September 13, 2011
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