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supposedly, the reason bostonians and new englanders say 'drawring' and other words like that

if you take the r out of 'car', etc, it's gotta go back somewhere
bostonian: "my kid was drawring a cah in school today."
explanation: conservation of r's
by Allison Wonderland bu December 29, 2005
the funniest dorky character ever on alias. also: flinkmanize
Marshall Flinkman: "It's a digital camera. I have it at 42 exposures, but I wanna get it to 47 because... it's a prime number. "

MARSHALL: LSD. Well, sort of. See, I started with a lysergic acid diethylamide-based serum and, you know… Flinkmanized it. Of course, he’s not gonna see any dancing bears on this trip, I promise you that. Not that – I mean, I heard… about it from a guy once. I’ve never…
by Allison Wonderland bu December 29, 2005
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