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A public school in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC, that opened in the 2006-2007 school year. Most stuck up public school in history. Mascot is the Knights, colours are purple and white...soooo gay.
Most kids are from South Meck or Providence High Schools, J.M. Robinson or South Charlotte Middle Schools, plus a select few from other schools. In its first year, sports teams have sucked.
Everyone oohs and aahs about the $23,000,000 football field, even though the JV and Varsity teams playing on it suck. So it did cost a ton of money to build the school, but the outside looks like a prison. However, the inside is REAL nice.
The teachers treat you like shit and expect you to beat the whole school system on exams so that the principal will have bragging rights that the first year at AK was a success. There is also some electromagnetic boundary that prevents your cell phone from working inside the school. Rumor has it that the Band Room works for your phone.

Dominant style at AK is 'preppy' with brands like Hollister, AE, and Abercrombie popular with most everyone. But there is a bit of some faux-punk, Goth, dELiAs fanatics who think they are non conformist, and people who dont really care about the brand.
Oh yeah, and you arent allowed to get away with anything cause the security guards ride on John Deeres around the campus or they patrol the bathrooms. Assholes.
Most people at AK live in manchines. But some live in normal middle class homes and are 'poor'
PS, the swim team kicks ass.
AK chick: Hey, I go to ardrey kell! I'm a cheerleader, I pretend to hate gossip, I dress in Abercrombie head to toe, I eat a ton, like country music plus all the trendy songs. Oh yeah, and when I wear a dress from AE to school, I am making a fashion statement even though the girl next to me wears awesome dresses every day.
AK dude: Perfect, I'm an HCO jock and I act 'gangsta' even though I live in a $17million house all my life! Never have I set foot in the ghetto or been near a real Crip. let's go out!
AK chick: totally!
by Allieeeeeeeeeee May 07, 2007

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