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A cycle of a part of pop culture (fads, decades, music styles, etc) from the past that continues to go in and out of style.
Or, a popular kind of motorcycle. But mainly the first one.
Me: Reviving the 80's is cool.
Onlooker: Chyeah, now maybe, but 10 years from now you'll have realized it was just another popcycle.
by AllieCakesMuffinlegs January 04, 2008
1. The ability to move stylishly through the ever-so-awkward turnstiles.

2. The sudden turning of something from boring to stylish.

3. Clumsy, gangly, or somehow resembling a turnstile.
1. He rides the subway every day... I guess that's why he's so turnstilish.

2. High-waisted skirts?!?! How turnstilish!

3. Poor Sam... he was so tall and skinny that he stayed turnstilish until his 15th birthday.
by AllieCakesMuffinlegs March 19, 2008
Totally and utterly pathetic and/or useless with televisions and other kinds of technology.
Me: Hey Mom, would you mind turning on the TV?
Mom: Sure, sweetie.
Mom: Umm... where's the 'on' button?
Me: ...I love you Mom, but you're telepathetic.
by AllieCakesMuffinlegs March 16, 2008

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