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It's like an exploit, but leeter!
Dude, did you hear about that new sploit? I sploited fifteen thugs with it in half an hour!
by allio September 17, 2003
An alcoholic beverage made by mixing sprite with mango flavored rum.
You've got to try some sprango. It's not very strong, but it sure is good!
by AlliO June 06, 2005
Friendly and intelligent lifeform. Exceptionally hairy. Will leech broadband internet, beer and maltesers. Lock up your daughters.
That pupazz is hogging all the fucking bandwidth!
by allio August 07, 2003
1. supremely overweight semi-intelligent lifeform. Maintains a website in the hope that a blind or insane person will pay money to see exclusive pictures of her. See also emo.
2. superhero
Christ, wondergirl is bloated.
by allio August 07, 2003
The younger brother of Sirius Black in the Harry Potter Series. He was killed by Voldemort for backing away from the evil deads required of him as a Death Eater.
Jimbo: I think RAB is Regulus Alphard Black.
Billy-Bob: Yeah, me too. It'd make perfect sense cuz the Black's weren't supposed to really like Voldy's actions anyway
by AlliO July 19, 2005

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