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one who is both a liability and an embarrassment.
"Can you believe that causey? 3 DUI's in one year!"
by Alley Cats October 26, 2011
a delightfully eccentric woman who is also drop dead adorable
One of my favorite things to do is bonking to unikorns online, all night long.
by Alley Cats October 26, 2011
An expression of shock and disgust, usually in response to or associated with an outlandish act or uttering.

The term is derived from the English phrase "Excuse me."
"Bursquzeme?! They stopped selling McMuffins at 10!?"
by Alley Cats October 26, 2011
Communicating via various online chat platforms while sober yet implementing an inebriated persona due to an overall lackadaisical disposition.
He was IMing me all night, bonking as he always does.
by Alley Cats October 26, 2011

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