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get a glass of milk and put a healthy load in it and put it in your refridgerator. Have some friends come over and ask any if they want a drink. Give them a drink and say you only have a glass of milk leftover for one person. Give them the Midnight Milk and laugh when there done.
So Ethan and Zach came over last night and I gave Ethan the Ol' Midnight Milk ha the fag didnt even know either!
by Allen Pankovich December 30, 2008
The act of taking a towel, rag, sheet or anything like that and taking a healthy dump on it. Make sure it stays on or you could smear it on. Wait for someone to walk in and unexpectadly smack them in the face with it and yell "HA Montana Mudflapped you"
So there I was waiting for Ethan to walk in and then BAM I Montana Mudflapped him in the face.
by Allen Pankovich December 31, 2008
To take a healthy shit on some ones face. Then cumming on top of the shit, tryin to make the cum in a heart shape.
Zack gave Ethan Love Brownies, which Ethan enjoyed.
by Allen Pankovich December 30, 2008

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