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A triple X rated version of Christmas. Often used between two or more people in a private atmosphere which include "sex-capades" employing sexually oriented gifts exchanged by the participants.
Hornier than a bag of antlers, Jack and Jill rushed home from their family xmas festivities so that they could enjoy their own XXX-mas in private where they would not have to wear clothing
by Allegra K Sinclair December 31, 2009
A festival of pure pornography and sexual indulgence with a simultaneous worship and acknowledgement of the birth of Jesus Christ on the blessed day of december 25th.
I'm so horny right after Thanksgiving...knowing that Sex-mas is right around the corner, I pre-order and priority ship all my sex toys from Amazon.com to insure they arrive on or before Sex-mas so that I am not left out of the sexual festivities.
by Allegra K Sinclair December 31, 2009
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