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3 definitions by Allana & Clifton

An engrish translation of the word explode. Referenced in a Strongbad sketch.
Your head esplode.
by Allana & Clifton March 17, 2006
A phenomenon during intercourse where the male must make the decision about where to place any hands not currently in use. Common among college students and drinkers of excessive amounts of beer, especially those who wear baseball caps.
After a rousing night of slapsex, I treated my mate to some new cosmetics so she could hide the bruises.
by Allana & Clifton March 16, 2006
The act of appearing to order mixed drinks while only consuming the mix. Used to get an advantage over someone in a drinking contest or to wear down someone's inhibition.
Tom was subbing drinks all night at the bar. He really got Jane drunk and was good to go all night.
by Allana & Clifton March 17, 2006