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Will smith was one of the very few people do to successfully in all aspects of entertainment (music, TV and film).

We all make fun of his songs now but you bought his songs, you knew the words u sang it in the car stop lying!

His movies are always good, Bad Boys 1&2, was the perfect man to play Cassius Clay in Ali
Men in Black 2- Will Smith: "Put this on"
Will Smith
:"the last suit you'll ever where.... again"
by Allan S November 21, 2005
Is now the only reason that the o.c is watched.. started off as a model now is known for being the loveable Summer Roberts.

Also used as a term as she's so hot i'd do her even though i jerked 18 times today and my dick hurts
Tom:"How was that schick u were with last night?"
Bill:"Rachel Bilson"
Tom:"Enough said"
by Allan S November 21, 2005
The girl that most men hope and dream for. Can sell movies due to her good looks and hot body
(If u wanna see her as close to naked as she has been see into the blue)

Also a thing that men say to each other when they are trying to pick up.
Todd: I heard that into the blue wasn't that good.
Allan:Who cares, Jessica Alba is in a bikini for the whole movie
Todd:i'd pay to see that

Bill: That chick is checking you out.. and she's pretty fair
Matt: yeh but she ain't no Jessica Alba
by Allan S November 21, 2005
Semi's is semi losers... Like semi's and full blown
Now we cross the line from semi's to full blown

I hate those fuckin semi's

by Allan S November 21, 2005

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