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A black person's pronunciation for nigger, a term that is still around today because black people believe it brings them together in a sense of unity: my nigga = my friend. Get over yourselves. There are people dying in Rwanda as a result of black on black violence as you read this, and blacks in America probably can't even spell Rwanda, let alone locate it on a map.
Blacks have been enslaved for over 300 years. The LEAST we could do is free them, make their martyr's birthday a national holiday, have an entire month dedicated to them, create affirmative action, and -oh yeah- give them a word that only they can use so as to make them feel special.
A sub-category of poser.
A very shallow female who is only a fan of someone or something (an actor/band/athlete) because she wants to stare at cute guys and she dreams about having sex with them. You can spot a fan girl on the internet by reading what she posts on websites:

OMG orlando bloom is sooo freakin hawt!!! I want to have his baby!!! *squeal*

To view comments made by real fan girls, click on the following:
orlando bloom brad pitt billie joe armstrong leonardo dicaprio

Since the dawn of time, fan girls have been loathed by true fans (myself included). It's okay if you think someone is "sexxxy", just don't share it with me!

Half the people who go to Green Day concerts these days are fangirls who never heard of them until months ago. HE'S MARRIED! GET OVER IT!

A comment to all the fan girls reading this: Don't worry, I'm sure SOMEONE will have you.....(heh).
*After watching THE LORD OF THE RINGS*

My friend: OMG!!! Legolas is sooooo damn sexy!!! I'm going to go home and make love to his picture (again)!Lololol!!!

Me: But how do you feel about the deeper meaning behind the plot?

My friend: Don't tell me you actually paid attention to all that filler stuff about a ring!
What media hype, outrageous advertising, and the fans have made the super bowl into
Superbowl XLI is a perfect example of hyperbole
by all the good names were taken February 04, 2007

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