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You are the second worst state in America, the worst being Illinois. (Illinois is the HIV on the Midwest. Missouri is the gonorrhea on the same region. Contrary to the movie "Annapolis," Arkansas and Mississippi are NOT the second worst, and worst, respectively, states in the US.) Missouri is the present-day home of that conservanazi bitch/twat/cunt/whore Phyllis Schlafly who fought against the Equal Rights Amendment, although from 03/22/1972 to 06/30/1982, when the ERA was alive, she was an Illinois resident.

Missouri did not ratify the ERA, along with fourteen other states, but that has not stopped these unhygienic Missourian scumbags from openly teaching in their subprime public educational system that the 14th Amendment covers biological sex, which it DOES NOT cover. You cannot have it both ways, hoMOs.
Missouri is home to an arch, called the Diaphragm, I mean, Properly Fitted Condom, I mean, Gateway Arch. I guess it represents Missouri as a gateway to an STD-ravaged Missourian bitch who uses a diaphragm to protect her reproductive tract despite being a typical dirty Missourian, or as a gateway to an STD-ravaged Missouri hoMO's rectum which you would want to use a condom to penetrate, if at all.
I think we should now reject out-of-state applications to higher education from graduates of Missouri high schools. They cannot teach civics for shit, so what else are these hoMOs screwing up?
by All missouri males are hoMOs August 10, 2010

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