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An equalist is noble, intelligent wo/man that believes in the equal treatment, but not superiority or inferiority, of all peoples, including genders, races, ethnic groups, etc. Equalists speak the truth, and sometimes the truth's blinding light scorches chauvinists. Watch out, Dick Masterson, the truth of equality will soon burn holes in your soul! Er, ahem... equalists, such as myself, will fight for ALL peoples, men, women, blacks, whites, Catholics, Buddhists, and so forth. Gender-Specific Equalists are INCREDIBLY common, and the astounding number of these people outweigh the sexists by far. Racial-Specific Equalists are a little less common, but more and more are popping up every day, thankfully! Religious-Specific Equalists are almost as common as Gender Equalists, many thanks to you. Take pride in whoever you are becuase it's not your skin, gender, or religion that determine who you are, but your actions!
Sexist person: Oh no!!!! An equalist! They'll bury all my malicious lies with their truths! Save me!!!!

Equalist: Die, sexist fucker!!! (Relax, we won't literally KILL you, we'll just mess you up so bad you'll wish we had.)
by All Powerful Lioness September 13, 2010
No, no, no, the first 2 dumb-fucks messed this all up. I'm sorry you guys have tiny penises. A woman driver doesn't deserve her bad reputation. Most of the time, she drives like a normal human being. Woman do get in crashes and accidents. But instead of being hypocrites, you should admit that men do the exact same thing, and it's mostly the MEN who drive drunk.
My mother, a woman driver, drives perfectly.

The woman driver joke has been around for about 20 years and for some fucked-up reason people still find it funny. SOME MEN cry and whine about being discriminated against then turn around and degrade us.
by All Powerful Lioness September 13, 2010
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