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1. cold-climate lagomorphs, relative to rabbits and hares, that have short ears, almost no tail, nostrils that can close at will, short limbs, and long, dense fur (even the feet are furred)

2. what pikachu says
1. rocky mountain pika, cony
by Aliz February 01, 2005
Word to say to have your boyfriend kiss you. When you say it, it looks like a kiss. Technique follows:

Lean in really close looking sexy, look deep into his eyes, and smiling playfully, softly say "Mukk."

If you laugh it'll ruin the effect, but it's fun even then... practice practice practice!!! And it's so adorable when your b/f tries mukk on you! :D
- Hey Balazs...
- Hmmm?
- Mukk.
by Aliz January 31, 2005

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