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When someone completely kills a joke.
Guy 1: Yea its like a green elephant in the desert!
Guy 2: Ugh you just totally pissed on the fire dude
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
A term said about a hot guy that you want to do dirty things to.
Damn, I'd take him to Walmart any day
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
Someone who is ghetto and emo at the same time

He's wearing a baggy ghetto hoodie and skinny jeans at the same time! He's such a gemo kid.
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
A penis that is tattooed. Like a sleeve, which is a tattooed arm, except its a dick.
His cock sleeve must have taken hours to get tattooed-and it must've hurt like a bitch.
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
A freshman in high school
Get out of my way and walk you stupid freshie!!
Eww your dating a freshie??
God those freshie get shorter and shorter every year, don't they?
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
A name that you call a really hot guy you see in public and want to show to your friends without drawing attention.
Guys there's a Santi over there!
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
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