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1. Peasant. Slaves that worked on the land in the feudal system. Disapeared with the feudal system in western Europe, but emancipated much later in Russia by Tsar Alexander II.

2. Insult.
1. "Fly my serfs, FLY! Muhahaha!"

Bill: "God damn it Leroy, you're such a serf!"
Leroy: "Your mum's a serf"
Bill: "Your parents are serfs, and I'm going to emancipate them!"
Leroy: "Ah, toupe!"
Bill: "Check and mate"
by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
1. Small cake purchased in WalMart

2. When you have not had a shit for a long time

3. Insult
1. "Check out these muffins, I got them in WalMart...don't they just taste like shite?"

2. "I would have helped that old lady across the road, but I had a shitmuffin brewing"

by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
If somebody desires physical interaction of a sexual nature with you, they are sweating your balls.
"See that chick over there? She's totally sweating my balls"
by Alistair_123 October 06, 2005
Trousers, pants, pantaloons, hoes, breaches.

Originating in rural england, now used as Australian slang.
"I got me some new rat traps, they'll be seeing the inside of my strides before the week is out!"
by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
1. To go out in the woods with nothing but your aunt and a tooth-pick, and spend the night there.

2. Staying in one position.

3. Used in online gaming to mean staying in one position to gain an advantage over other players.
1. "Gee aunty, that was fun camping, I picked you right out!"

2. "I camped on the shitter at the station today for over 40 minutes - the commuters got rather agitated"

3. n00b: "TERRORISTS, STOP CAMPING YOU N00BS!!!111eleven11!! onehunderedandeleven11!!!"
person who knows what they're doing: "This is a hostage rescue map you god damned idiot, we're meant to camp, what do you want us to do - kill ourselves? YOU SHITMUFFIN
by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
Exclamation of surprise, usually used in an ironic context.
1. "Upon my troth! Meatballs in my coffee!"

2. "I just got my hand stuck in my back pocket. UPON MY TROTH!"
by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
Freatest: Fucking Greatest
Did you see that penalty? That was the freatest shit i've ever seen!
by Alistair_123 October 27, 2005

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