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When a group of men get together and stack their scrotoms up on top of each other. Like a Totem Pole only with scrotoms instead of totems. See also, sack stack.
guy #1: "This party sucks. I'm bored. What should we do?"

guy #2: "Who's up for a Scrotom Pole?"

guy #1: "OMG, like count me in!"

guy #3: "I got the camera. This is goin' on Youtube."
by Alistair the Classy December 20, 2010
A Mexican Frootloop refers to a man's scrotom whilst he is in the act of pulling his testicles up, over his erect penis. One testicle is pulled up on the left side, and one on the right so that they meet in the middle above the penis forming the scrotom into a loop.
I woke up in the morning, and walked to the kitchen to eat breakfast with my girlfriend. When I arived at the kitchen she asked me if I had any cereal. To which I replied... "I'll give ya some cereal BITCH!" As I ripped off my pants and gave her the ol' Mexican Frootloop.
by Alistair the Classy November 02, 2010
A stack of sacks. A Gang Bang. A Scrotom Pole.
What started as a threesome quickly became a Sack Stack when ten more guys showed up.
by Alistair the Classy December 20, 2010
When a fat Asian chick gives you a blumpkin. The combination of the words "plumpkin" and "brumpkin."
I called up an Asian girl I knew from highschool and asked her to give me a brumpkin. It turned out that she had gained about two hundred poulds since I had seen her last. Needless to say, I recieved a prumpkin instead of a brumpkin.
by Alistair the Classy November 02, 2010
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