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3 definitions by Alison King

When someone gets really excited about cleaning or organizing, they are said to have an organasm.
Person 1: Ugh, my apartment is so dirty, it's really disgusting.
Person 2: OMG! I'll clean it for you!!!
Person 1: Dude, don't have an organasm.

Monica from Friends has an organasm every other episode.
by Alison King August 04, 2011
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Daily handpicked words on urbandictionary.com. These chosen words are admittedly clever, but are marked by the fact that no one actually uses these words in real life. Probably just some bored schmuck noticed a pun and then reverse created a definition that sort of fits.

Easily identified by being an entry with just one definition, though, inexplicably, it is popular enough to make the front page.
Samantha: "I'm in such a 'manager trois' that my 'bio-illogical clock' is stressing me out! I need some 'boytox' or at least to indulge my 'netaflixia,' stat!"
Jessica: What the hell are you talking about?
Samantha: Oh don't you read the urbandictionary.com word of the day? I do and I am so cool because of this simple fact
Jessica: You're not as cool as you think--those are just "weirds of the day"

Me: Poo parkour? Blogosfear? MeDD? Who picks these things? What a weird of the day.

For further examples, see this post.
by Alison King April 12, 2013
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A series of pimples and or zits in the shape of a moustache. Probably caused by eating grasy food and not washing you face.
See also acnebeard
Eww look at that guy's acnestache!
My brother has a prominent acnestache.
His acnestache was a big turnoff.
by Alison King August 29, 2007
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