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hey this is 4 girlz
i will giv u a gr8 thing to do rite now.....

1. Make sure you are in a warm place (e.g: underneath your duvet) and also you are in a place where no1 can see u or disturb u.

2. If you have a male partner, make sure he is available because he could be very handy....

- to start off, you have to stretch your legs open wide (like you are having a baby)

3. start by stripping your bottom half (trousers n pantz)

4. get sum thick saliva from your mouth n place it on ur clitoris and vaginal opening

5. press ur clitoris for 10 secondz or less

6. start breathing lyk ur out of breath (slowly, then get a bit faster)

7. while doing this, rub ur clitoris from left to right with ur right hand (slowly do this, then get faster)

8. as you feel like you are starting to feel pleasure, get your man to go under your legs and get him to rub his penis around your vaginal opening.

9. when you feel the immense rush of pleasure, get ur man to do it with you (hav sex)


by Alison Hawkins March 25, 2008
A person who isnt black that tries to be black.

*You will find chavs in most London secondary schools.

*Chavs are mostly girls, whereas there are very few chav boys.
Using Jamaican words (e.g: bludclart, rassclart, wagwaan) and also trying to kiss their teeth.

Trying hairstyles particularly suited to afro (e.g: using a slick-brush *a hair flattening brush, trying to make the hair look like afro by curling the ends of the hair and doing a high ponytail, making curls with the short hair near the fore head and flattening and curling with gel and sticking to the skin.

NOTE: A black or black-mixed person cannot be a chav.
by Alison Hawkins March 27, 2008

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