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A Skag Tag is a tatoo on a woman's lower back.
"Lisa has a skag tag,what a dirty sloot"
#tatoos #back tats #tats #back tatoos #skag #skag tag
by Alisia December 22, 2005
Batavia is a small town in Western/Upstate NY. It's known as the seventh layer of hell to some and to others as a fine place to live and go to school. There are a lot of sick people and old people in Batavia. By sick, I mean, mentally depraved.
Kid 1: "Hey man, I live in Batavia."
Kid 2: "Haha, I feel sorry for you."
#ba-ta-via #country #ny #western ny #upstate ny #seventh layer of hell
by alisia September 14, 2006
1. (adj) a person who has bi-polar disorder but who is also really, really adorable.

2. (n) a Bi-sexual polar bear
"Joe is my bi-polar bear. He may be crazy but I love him so much!"

"Oooh there I've spotted the rare bi-polar bear. Bi people are greedy. It's like pick a damn side and stay there."
#bi-polar #bipolar #bi-polar bear #bipolar bear #polar bear #bear #polar #bi
by alisia September 19, 2006
Any scrap clothing covering the female genitalia (Booty shorts, thongs, underwear, mini skirts, etc).
"Working at Hooters is just a snatch cover away from stripping."
#snatch #stripper #hooters #booty shorts #thongs
by alisia June 24, 2009
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