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to be very forgetfull
Synonym: absent-minded, scatterbrained, scatty
You've got a memory like a sieve
by Alishahbaz May 14, 2010
when sb especially a child doesn't make noise because they are scared.
I don't like to hear even pips from you.
The teacher punished him in a way that there were no pips from him up to the end of the class.
by Alishahbaz May 12, 2010
similar to couch potato but it's used for people who go to cinema a lot.
-Have you watched the movie 'Alice in Wonderland'
-I'm not a couch corn like you to go and see whatever is produced.
by Alishahbaz June 04, 2010
-Oh you kissed her? don't you fancy a shag with her?
- Come on, man. Don't be that much dark-minded.
by Alishahbaz May 12, 2010
sleeping very soon at night
I was very tired last night so I went to bed with chickens.
by Alishahbaz May 05, 2010
to be on best behavior and very polite that no one expect you to misbehave or do something wrong.
That’s impossible. He has too much class to insult you.
by Alishahbaz May 04, 2010
it's a blend word which is the fusion of science and generous. A person who is considered as scienerous is willing to share their knowledge with others.
Most of university professors are not scienerous
by Alishahbaz May 02, 2010

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