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The character in x-men comics that can manipulate fire. my favorite character in the x-men comics. he's pyro. he dies of the legacy virus in the comics, but in the movies, he's alive and well on magneto's side.
john, will you stop playing with that lighter?
by Alira January 17, 2004
aaron stanford's very sexy russian character on third watch. officer sully's stepson, and tatiana's son. he was killed off in the episode judgement day.
that guy over there was almost as hot as sergei.
by Alira January 17, 2004
a person who is completely fire obsessed, even if they get hurt by fire. or, moreso in my case, someone who is obsessed or in love with x-men's pyro, st. john allerdyce, or aaron stanford, and does anything to relate to them
ooh, look at it burn.
by Alira January 17, 2004

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