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pretty much the biggest bitch you've ever met, but despite her bitchyness,she still finds randoms to sleep with her, also making her a giant slut.
person 1:Dude she is the biggest bitch I've ever met!!!
person 2: I know, I dont know how she got half the football to sleep with her in one night!!
person1: She is such a cuntawhoreasaurus, the only time she ever stops being a bitch is when there is a cock in her mouth!!!
by alimegz August 10, 2009
These are the people with the worst possible FUPAS. They are usually large in size all around, but their FUPAS take center stage. The FUPA is the largest part on them. It usually sticks out a few feet from their body, and is weighed down so much it practically touches the ground. With a FUPA that large it also make their arms look extremely small in propotion to it. Making them walk around looking like a dinsaur.
Holy sjit Batman!!! She's bigger than a Fupapottomus...she's a Fupasaurusrex!!!
by alimegz July 13, 2009
a person who is extremely tiny on top, but has a ginormous lower area.
person 1: I met Jonathan for the first time while he was sitting. I thought he was a small dude. Then he stood up and I was like damn I now know where all the food went!!
person 2: I know man, he is the pear, I wonder when the last time he even saw his penis was!
by alimegz August 10, 2009
A person who is so mobidly obese, that they dont actually retain a shape. They are never one specific shape for more than a few seconds, because the fat is constantly juggling around.
Jonathan is so worblie that he has to wear a girdle to maintain a shape and to prevent his fat from leaking to his knees one second and hitting his chin the next
by alimegz August 10, 2009
A female who talks so much shit it comes outta both sets of lips!
Ex 1.Amy is such a cunt flapper, I'm finding things out about myself I never knew!!
Ex 2 Like the roaring 20's never went out of style, both sets of Amy's lips are going a mile a minute like the cunt flapper she is!
by alimegz September 15, 2010
an exorbitant amount
Jonathan has an ubious amount of internet porn of little boys uploaded to his computer.
by alimegz November 04, 2009
An extremely large guy. His Fupa is usually so large that when he looks down he can't see his dick.
Jonathan is such a fupapottamus, he has to lift his gut to take a piss.
by alimegz July 13, 2009

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